You can generally visit the Lime Deco web site without requiring your personal information. Personal data is obtained only if you provide us with the data, for example when submitting the online contact form.

The processing of the personal data of the users of the website is governed by the following terms and conditions, the relevant provisions of the applicable personal data protection legislation for personal data protection, instructions and regulatory acts of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Framework of Privacy Policy

The personal data collected in the course of the operation of the Site are used exclusively for the purpose of secure and smooth communication and information to the users of our office activity. The confidentiality of their content is preserved as mentioned above and is only transmitted in cases where the transmission or disclosure is required by an express legal provision. By visiting your website you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

The collection and processing of personal data collected in the context of the operation of the Site is subject to the provisions of EU and national law, in particular the provisions of Law 2472/1997 “on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” and N 3471/2006 “on the protection of personal data in the telecommunications sector”, as they apply. The user has all the rights deriving from the aforementioned laws such as the rights to update, access, correct, oppose, withdraw consent, portability and deletion.

Lime Deco is not responsible for the terms of collection and processing of personal data that apply to other sites to which our site refers in the form of links.

Collection of personal data.

By choosing to use the contact form of the Website, the user will be asked to provide name, surname, phone, City, email, and a description of the reason that communicates in the “Message” field. The information provided is recorded in the website’s databases using automated means.

Use of Personal Data and purposes of keeping personal data

Once the user has given consent to the sending of his or her data, the site collects the user’s personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To communicate with the user
  2. Customized online advertising
  3. The Lime Deco office may continue to store your personal data for 16 years for tax purposes in the event of a lease or for a shorter or longer period if it is necessary to protect its legitimate interests.

Site User Rights

If you do not want to receive emails and wish to remove your e-mail address from our online contact list, please send an e-mail to [email protected] using the “Cancel Email” link. You may be informed and access your personal data processed by our company, modify your personal information, withdraw your consent, or declare that you do not wish to process your data in general or for marketing purposes; or request that you delete them by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Collection of anonymous data through the Site

In addition to collecting data from the media mentioned above, the Site uses technology that allows the collection of information about visitors to the Site. As a visitor to this Site, you will remain anonymous. The data we store and analyze are used only for statistical purposes, indicatively in order to continually improve our Website and its content. The data stored in our records is the website from which you visited the Website, the individual pages of the Web Site you were browsing, your IP address, and the date and duration of your web browser, browser and country . This technology does not identify the user’s personal information and its findings are used for statistical purposes only.

Communication of personal data

The processing of your personal data is confidential and Lime Deco takes all reasonable technical and other means to ensure the confidentiality of such processing. The owner of the Lime Deco office, Maria Chatzistavrou, is the webmaster and the WordPress company, technically supports the Website.

– The personal information and contact information provided by completing the newsletter form will be kept in our database and used for user-friendly purposes.

– The Website informs the user that any transfer or disclosure of personal data is made in accordance with EU and national privacy laws. Therefore, the Site may share, transfer or disclose the information contained in its database and its server’s registrations if required by law, justice or the prosecution of an electronic crime to combat fraud , the protection of the vital interests of the user, the protection and security or integrity of the data or the Site.

Links to other sites

Any links to this site via links and hyperlinks, banners to any other site do not imply that Lime Deco takes on any responsibility for the policy on this Privacy Policy.

Notification of possible modification of the Privacy Policy

In the context of continuous improvements to our Site and the addition of new features and services, this Privacy Policy may be modified. Any modification will be notified to the user and the competent authority, where required by law.


The Website welcomes any comments regarding this Privacy Policy. In case of doubt regarding a term of this Policy or any service provided, you may contact us via e-mail at [email protected]